Exploring space without leaving Earth. My feet have carried me to many places and in many ways. Using the soles of my feet as landing pads, I allow the grace of my breath to move my body throughout the environment. Upon my recent return to Canada, I have come to explore my roots and discover the footprints of those who have travelled these lands. I’m drawn to elements of nature, incorporating outdoor spaces either physically or through audio and visual recordings to enhance one's senses. Though dance I’m able to step into the shoes that carry one into a world that cannot be expressed with words. 

Kristy Janvier is born and raised in Flin Flon and is of Dene (English River First Nation), English/Irish, and Ukrainian decent. At the age of 18 she began working overseas as a professional actress/dancer. After 15 years of working in the entertainment industry with Disney, Kristy sought out other forms of movement and dance making work based on improvisation and interaction with bodies and space. Upon returning to Canada, she has connected to her roots through contemporary-Indigenous dance. She had an opportunity to explore her research on water, the rivers, bloodlines and healing with the support of Young Lungs Dance Exchange in Winnipeg (winter 2016-17).  She has performed at the Aberdeen Cultural Centre in New Brunswick (August '17), a solo work-in-progress with Free Flow in Saskatoon (September '17) and Weesageechak begins to Dance in Toronto (November '17), toured as an invited guest with Dancers of Damelahamid (October-November '17). The video work from the E|MERGE artist residency at Earthdance, Massachusetts (February '18) has screened at 5 film festivals in Canada.

Music video shoot with Aria Evans-Toronto (Jan)
Coastal Dance Festival-Vancouver (Feb)
Banff Residency (May)
Nextfest/Dancefest-Edmonton (May-June)
Banff Residency (June)
MiBC Creative Residency-Vancouver (July-Nov)
Raven Spirit Dance-Waguri Training/Performance (July)
Minowin opening & tour (Sept-Nov)

8 Days (2017)
Hungry Mothers (2018-present)