While working on cruise ships, a dear friend introduced Kristy to yoga. But it wasn't until 2007 after volunteering at the first Evolution Yoga Conference in Hong Kong when she finally committed to her yoga practice. Mindfully linking the breath and movement together to form a strong and meditative class whether is it’s Hatha or Vinyasa flow. The Yoga practice should be effortless and free. Whichever path of movement a student chooses, there is space for the body-mind connection to awaken. In 2015 a workshop titled "Dance Theatre" sparked interest but little did she know what a bridge this Expressive Arts Therapy workshop would be between the performance art world and healing world of yoga. Inspired by all things in nature, Kristy continues to find new ways of connection and creativity. 

Teacher trainings include:
YogaWorks-Chrissy Carter and Sarah Bell 200 Hours (2008) 
POET for Yoga Anatomy CET-Ellen Heed 31 Hours (2009)
Insight Yoga TT Intensive (Yin)-Sarah Powers 70 Hours (2012)
Intro to Embodied Flow Intensive-Tara Judelle 30 Hours (2014) 
Advanced Embodied Flow-Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons 200 Hours (2014-15)
Expressive Arts Therapy Workshops 80.5 Hours (2015-17)
10 Day Vipassana Meditation (2016)
Reiki First Degree (2017)
Advanced Embodied Flow Mind Module- Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons 100 Hours (2018-19)
Advanced Embodied Flow Expression Module- Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons 100 Hours (2019)

Other influential teachers:
Yoganidhi - Mark Whitwell -  Lama Marut  - Markus Scott Alexander - innerdance

Refer to Teaching for group classes and feel free to contact for any bookings at your studio or private lessons. kristyraeoflight@gmail.com