the return

“We hold the memories of our ancestors
We call on the memories of our mothers
We call on the memories of our fathers
our grandmothers
our grandfathers
We call on our old people
The ancient ones
We dream in our descendants, the rising ones
we rest, we work, we wait for…

The Return.
We work to heal-we wait for the return
We prepare the waters and the lands
This is the return.

We’re never alone…
in times when we’re carrying a lot,
we don’t have to carry it alone
In the shakiness, in vulnerability, in love and fear…
I open myself and receive.”

photography by: David Sweeney
International Indigenous Choreography Creation Lab at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (2019)
led by Alejandro Ronceria.
Choreographer: Jacob Boehme
Dancers: Asalia Arellano, Bella Waru, Nimikii Couchie, Kristy Janvier
Composer: Edgardo Moreno
Lighting: David Sweeney
Costuming: Jolane Houle
Art work: Sally Gabori