I'm displaced

Please sew my soul to my body

Please sew your voice to my body

Let my tongue speak for your soul

Let your tongue speak for my mind

Let me stick to you

Let me be you

Forge Portmanteau



A Dutch - Cantonese multidiscipinary performance
with solo work of Dutch flutist Mark Alban Lotz

Artist statement

Early morning
Late at night
earth wind and water collide
The New
starts to creep and crawl
To forge its way
to the surface of the earth

Naked and blind
we come into this world
Our cultures, upbringing and personal histories
make us see, what other do not see

What do you see?
"Luggage-seeing" and "new seeing".
How do strangers you meet on your journey
arouse unpacking and unpeeling?
What language does the unpacked and aroused speak?
Where is its home, its port?