Down by the River

The piece began before I knew why I was standing in the middle of a bridge filming the water below. I was considering the rivers of the country and how they were the past highways of how our ancestors arrived to where they settled. My focus again shifted when the opportunity to be supported by Young Lungs Dance Exchange in Winnipeg-the centre point of Canada, home of the Red River. The original piece had four self identified Indigenous women together on the stage. Our discussion would centre around bloodlines with our movement around healing. Can we heal not only the fluids in our bodies but the water collected from the Red River on stage with us, representing lost sisters as well as the spirits that brought us here.
Chi Miigwetch to my co-collaborators- Emily Solstice Barker, Lise McMillan, and Rayanna Seymour. 

photo credit: Leif Norman, last four photos are from the artist

Letting Go and Shaping

I know: there are lines of communication linking me to others.

I know: not all the connections will be made.

I know: the road is not always smooth.

I know: the connection can go two ways.

I know: I am at the centre. A smooth seed that is kept warm by what surrounds it.

I know: I know.

Letting go and shaping is just one of the many workshop titles I have taken with Expressive Arts Pioneer, Markus Scott Alexander, while in Hong Kong 2015&16.  "Be excited about your abilities and the showing to other of their abilities. That element of Surprise".


We all understand the impermanence of nature and the world we live in yet sometimes it's hard to see the daily change we go through. This a photo project I wanted to complete last year but unfortunately put it off until it was too late to capture the blossoming of the tree outside of my bedroom window.

This is a 40 day evolution beginning April 17, 2016 - May 26, 2016. 

Name Game

A name is a term used for identification. Names can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context. A personal name identifies, not necessarily uniquely, a specific individual human.


I'm displaced

Please sew my soul to my body

Please sew your voice to my body

Let my tongue speak for your soul

Let your tongue speak for my mind

Let me stick to you

Let me be you

Forge Portmanteau



A Dutch - Cantonese multidiscipinary performance
with solo work of Dutch flutist Mark Alban Lotz

Artist statement

Early morning
Late at night
earth wind and water collide
The New
starts to creep and crawl
To forge its way
to the surface of the earth

Naked and blind
we come into this world
Our cultures, upbringing and personal histories
make us see, what other do not see

What do you see?
"Luggage-seeing" and "new seeing".
How do strangers you meet on your journey
arouse unpacking and unpeeling?
What language does the unpacked and aroused speak?
Where is its home, its port?

Morning Mandala

It all began in May 2015 when I made a prayer offering for my family grieving my late uncle.  From then on until seasons changed in September, I continued to make these flower mandalas in my front yard with these beautiful flowers that fell off the tree I look at every morning. Always keeping one special flower to tuck behind my ear. 

Namaskar Magazine

I was featured in the April 2015 edition of Namaskar Magazine about my experience teaching yoga at Banteay Srey in Kampot, Cambodia. 

The Embodied Science of Yoga

How do you know what you know?

Unlearning. Unknowing. Curiosity. Yielding. Jellyfish. Feeling. Sensing. Pathways. Listening. Expression. Emotion. Tone. Touch. Spacing. Merging. Meeting. Boundaries. Contemplation. Understanding. Not understanding. Confusion. Matrix. Transformation. Consciousness. Awakening. Journey. 

Time to fly.

Thank-you for everything. For more information on Banteay Srey or if you would like to make a donation, please check out their website:

Bokor Hill Station and White Elephant Cave

My two days off this week were spent going up Bokor Mountain by motorbike to explore an abandoned French hotel and waterfall. The following day I rode through small villages to White Elephant Cave and on the way back to town, we saw an elephant on the street! 


With my two days off, I decided to rent a motor bike for the first time ever and drive down the coast to Kep. It's lovely beach town 25km south of Kampot and 45km from the Vietnam boarder. I spent the first day cruising around then relaxing at my hotel before going to The Sailing Club to watch the sunset. I was up early the next day to take a short boat ride over to Rabbit Island. It was a perfect day where I could just relax in a hammock, have a massage and lunch. Simple and beautiful.